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diStory About Radovljica

About Radovljica

Radovljica is a small charming town in the Upper Carniola region of northern Slovenia. The town is located on a southern slope of the Karawanks mountain rang at the confluence of the Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka, both headwaters of Sava river. The position of Radovljica is on the rock terrace overlooking the Sava river. There you can see the part of Julian Alps with the highest mountain Slovenians-Triglav. In historic part of the town is around 6.000 inhabitants and 18.000 population living in the municipality. Today, it is an administrative, education and cultural center of the area. It is also known as Linhart’s town after Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756-1795), a native Slovene writer and a great man of the Age of Enlightenment. At around 1500, the old town developed from a smaller square dating back to the 13th century.

When a traveller walks through houses, it seems as though time has stood still for the centuries. The church of St. Peter, the presbytery, the remains of town wall, the moat, the Mansion and bourgeois houses carry elements of medieval, renaissance and baroque architecture. Nowadays, the magnificent old town with museums (Municipal Museum of Radovljica and Museum of Apiculture), galleries (Šivec house) and number of craft and trade houses lined along a wide medieval town square is a friendly meeting point for locals and tourists. Did you know that Radovljica also has the largest number of sunny days in the region? This picturesque town has many stories to tell; make sure you listen!

Koman and Lotrist house

Koman house and the one behind it, Lotrist house are typical renaissance bulidings on Linhart Square. Koman house has the fresco on the façade, representing St. Florian quenching Radovljica. The patron saint of firefighters on the fascade warns us of the frequent fires that endangered the town.

diStory - Radovljica - Komanova in Lotristova hiša

Linhart house

At the entrance into the old town of Radovljica Linhart house takes place. The commemorative sign on its façade testifies about its story – it is the house in wich a native Slovene writer and a great man of the age of enlightenment. Anton Tomaž Linhart (1756–1795) was born. There is a museum exhibition in the baroque palace on Linhart Square dedicated to him.

diStory - Radovljica - Linhartova hiša

Josepina Hočevar monument

The monument and also a well from 1908 is dedicated to Josepina Hočevar, Radovljica's benefactress, who contributed her founds for placement of public wather distribution system. The sculpture from grey stone was made by stonemason Jožef Pavlin (1857 – 1914). It shows a twelve years old schoolboy Karl Grilc, who holds a medallion with the image of benefactress in his hands.

diStory - Radovljica - Spomenik Josipini Hočevar

Vidic house

Vidic house with its projecting corner bowfront and Renaissance façade painting is the most important architectural monument of that time in Radovljica.

diStory - Radovljica - Vidičeva hiša

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