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Published 8 months ago, by diStory Radovljica team

We are looking for teams for a Creative Workshop!

'First things first', as the English saying goes. Therefore, we will start with the most important thing. We would like to invite you to an international creative workshop where we will create stories using the theme 'The Digital Story of My Town'. The main prize is 1,000 euros (under Slovenian tax laws). If you have a creative spirit, it's the right place for you. Read on if you would like to acquire new knowledge, meet experienced mentors and have plenty of fun!

We are looking for teams for a Creative Workshop!

The workshop will take place fromn 3-5th April as part of the diStory project. Using a web platform MiTeam, each participating team will create its own story. We are interested in a digital presentation of your town. Contributions will be designed in groups, therefore we invite ready-formed teams of individuals (groups of friends, families, school friends, clubs, interest groups etc.).  The teams' work will be oriented by distance-learning mentors of the Invida production house.

What is needed to apply? A team of 3 to 5 persons who get along well with each other. A story that they would like to present as the finished product. A space where you can create. A computer and internet connection. One day of your time and an empty notebook for jotting down ideas. Some coffee, biscuits and chocolate. Plenty of goodwill, a desire to learn, and an eye for details. All the rest – the more technically-demanding things - will be handled by the mentors (each team will work with a long-distance mentor who will assist and advise them).

How will the workshop take place? The workshop will start on 3rd April 2017. Tuesday 4th April will be mainly devoted to group work, where teams will be able to shape the presentation of their story with the assistance of a mentor. Each group's work will take place in their own workspace (at home, association/society spaces, classrooms, libraries ...). On Wednesday 5th April individual teams will submit their final story. The following day in Škofja Loka a presentation of the stories will take place, to which all those involved are invited (guests can also participate).Hackathon stories will be presented and prizes will be awarded.

What should the final result be? Teams will work individually, each at their own location. With the help of mentors they will create a presentation of their story. Stories can be tied to the past, the present or the future. Some kind of historical fact, legend or fairytale can also be used as a basis. The content can be taken from the present, or if you prefer the 'Digital Story of My Town' can be set in the future (foe example "Digital Story of My Town in 2050). At the end of the workshop you will present your chosen story in the digital form which is most suited to its content. This could take the form of a video animation, a video game, a film, photographic essay etc. The final story should be approximately 1 minute long.

Teams should apply online  for it or send their registrations untill 30th March 2017 to the e-mail address info@zgodovinska-mesta.si. Registrations should include:

Full name of the group leader

Contact telephone number

E-mail address

Team name (or organisation), in team members (full names, age, level of education)

A short description of 'The Digital Story of Your Town' that you would like to present

For additional information please contact us via e-mail – jure@invida.tv, or by calling 041 386 832 (Jure Vizjak, Invida Production Studio).

Here are the RESULTS for diStory 2nd Heckathon "DIGITAL STORY OF MY TOWN". Enjoy! 


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