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diStory Team


Meet the Team

From historian to architect and expert in cultural studies — we're a pretty lively bunch of people here at diStory! What do we share in common? We all feel darn good about delivering a pilot digital story of our small historic town Radovljica. We believe that it will place our Museum on the map of interesting things to see and encourage other towns to do the same.

diStory Team - Verena, project leader



I am … a historian and a sociologist, the director of the Radovljica Municipality Museums (consistin of Municipal Museum of Radovljica, Museum of Apiculture, Šivec House, Museum of Hostanes, Iron Forging Museum). Working in a small community demands a lot of persistance and good organizational skills, which I might have gained through the active sport career in my youth. I really do like my work, which is also my way of life with the support of my already grown-up family.

In diStory project … I confront with a new way of work organization and young colleagues, who bring freshness and new horizons to the team. My role in diStory Radovljica is collecting content, active inclusion of local community and working with different audiences.

diStory project … is a great chance for mutual communication, sharing knowledge, cooperation with people and searching for innovative approaches towards presenting our interesting stories to the others. Since we are the leading partner of the project, I also see it as a great responsibility.

In June 2018 … the project will be finished. We will have an interesting experience of learning and ultidisciplinary work behind us. We'll be glad to upgrade it in the future.

The future … of the museums is local activity, yet within an international scope.

diStory Team - Aleksandra, coordinator



I am … an architect with daily different colourful earrings, who likes running. I don't wear them at home because my child doesn't like them. Adjustable, flexible, adaptable. Connected. Responsible. Diplomatic. Sometimes with sparks in my eyes.

In diStory project … I am responsible and friendly. A friend. Sometimes a bouncing bag. A medium for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

diStory project … is a challenge. New era school. Infinity of new, that encourages me to search and re-search. An opportunity to step up and present. To show what I can do and find out what I can't and learn. Is communication. Setting reasonable boundaries and appreciating yourself and the others.

In June 2018 … we will meet with diStory friends on Linhart Square and put the cherry on the top of our cake. We will spread our circle and give hands to all the people who live in small historical towns showing them we can be big. We will also write the final report.

The future … is tomorrow. We create it today.

diStory Team - Katja, curator



I am … Katja Praprotnik, a history and sociology teacher by profession. I worked in Museum as a student; I was a guide first, then a museum educator and today I am the curator of the Municipal Museum of Radovljica. I am also a mum, house-wife when needed, a fan of trekking, running and skiing. I love different cultures … and cats.

In diStory project … I collect stories and I enjoy doing it. I am aware of hidden treasures of our small historic town and I would like to uncover them.

diStory project … is a big challenge for a small museum with only few employees. The project brought us new digital technologies that we are unjustifiably afraid of and for which we think that only belong to our children, to youth.

In June 2018 … will not be easy, because we will organize the final meeting of all project partners. We will manage it. With good weather, which will attract crowds of people on the Linhart's Square.

The future … is to discover new old stories of Radovljica city.

diStory Team - Ema, audience developer



I am … offically a museum educator at the time being, but also a film educator, soft skills trainer and a volunteer. Open-minded and willing to learn something new every day.

In diStory project … I am especially interested in »community management« aspect. Communication with different audeinces, active participation. When I hear about »audience development« lots of questions pop up my mind. What actually is »audience«? What is »development«? How about »non-audience«? Who dictates the rules of the »participation«? Still looking fort he answers, though.

diStory project … is a challenge. It is a platform for creativity and sharing (sometimes non-compatible) opinions. Fresh wind blowing in our small towns…

In June 2018 … the project will be finished. We will gather for the one last time in Radovljica and our final product will be launched. We will be spending a warm summer evening in our old city centre and people will pat us on the shoulders. Then we'll go home. Some of us will start looking for a job again, whilst millions of tourists will be exploring our long forgotten towns.

The future … is digital!

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